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Digging Around the Pandemic: The SwiftPad Extinction (The Swiftpad Trilogy Book 3)

By Lee Barckmann

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Digging Around the Pandemic: The SwiftPad Extinction, the riveting and concluding volume of the SwiftPad Trilogy, follows the last months of an election in a country that balances precariously on the knife edge of Civil War. After the Insurgency's defeat of the Incumbent's storm troopers in Portland, a desperate international struggle plays out behind the scenes and in plain sight on the ubiquitous social media platform SwiftPad. Follow the Insurgents as they retaliate against the Incumbent's reprisals, while fighting for the hearts and minds of an increasingly fragmented electorate. Meanwhile Kip Rehain, SwiftPad founder, seeks his former lover and business partner GG, by slowly making his way into the heart of the Leviathan, where nature conspires with mega-hackers and a mysterious disease to bring all of us into the next stage of existence.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Lee Barckmann