Heart Cries of Every Teen

Heart Cries of Every Teen

By Jackie Perry
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Look Beyond The Confusing Or Chaotic Behaviors Of Your Teens. Could A Relentless Longing Be Hiding Behind The Outward Actions?

Like many parents or caring adults working with adolescents, you may feel confused, concerned, and challenged by some of their actions or emotional displays. While you may be tempted to either discipline, disregard or disconnect from them, these behaviors often offer you the greatest opportunities to interact with your child’s deepest aspect—the heart!

The thoughts, feelings, will, and moral compass of human beings lies within the heart. If you do not connect with this center place, you will sorely limit your ability to lead, impact, or nourish the innermost parts of a teen’s soul.

In Heart Cries of Every Teen, Jackie Perry, a seasoned counselor, speaker, writer, and educator helps you understand how the many physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychological changes occurring during adolescence actually provoke eight heart core desires to emerge with force. These relentless longings compel adolescents to look for ways to satisfy and soothe the aches that arise when these go unsatisfied. You will learn to recognize how these desires reflect the best and worst behaviors in teens and how to respond compassionately.

Every teen needs someone who will see into their hearts and help them learn how to care for the core desires that lie there. Without this guidance many will never know that only through healthy connections with others and a relationship with Christ will these longings ever be fully satisfied. Using true accounts of teens and principled insights, Jackie empowers you to respond to teens in ways that care for this sacred yet often heavily protected space of the heart.

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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