The Uncrowned Queen (The Legends of Kiamada Book 2)

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The Uncrowned Queen (The Legends of Kiamada Book 2)

By Ben Cass

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The story begun in "The Lost Tayamu" continues...

Moments ago, Ellie and Jen Aston were in their small midwestern town of Groverton, but now, they find themselves on a parallel Earth, in the magical land of Kiamada.  Accompanied by Alistair Doyle, his twin sister Kira, Kira's husband Jerry, and the giant Wiler, Theonus, Ellie and Jen have to adapt to their new lives in this similar, yet still different, world.  Weird plants and strange animals aren't that surprising, but Bar Truga, the sentient island that is home to the Tayamu, is unlike anything Ellie and Jen had prepared themselves for.

While Jen strives to regain her lost memories, Ellie must deal with her Tayamu powers coming in faster and stronger than they should.  When a rare, surprising new ability manifests, Ellie suddenly finds herself with a new partner in life, and must learn to control this ability before she accidentally kills herself.  

Having received word from Nature that the uncrowned queen of Kiamada has returned home, Seaile, the First of the Tayamu, sets out with her apprentice to find the queen and restore her to the throne.  But does the queen even want to rule?  And why did she choose to leave in the first place?

When Doyle is forced to reveal their presence in Kiamada, news reaches the despotic ruler of Kiamada, Mathon, who sets plans in motion to protect his rule…plans that will place Mathon on a collision course with the Tayamu, and bring old friends to a new world in search of help. 


  • ASIN: B07TFN4728

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