Fae King: Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 1

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Fae King: Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 1

By Joanna Mazurkiewicz

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 It’ll take more than a wish to help this fairy godmother find her own happy ever after.

When Martha, tired of working as a fairy of pleasure, uses illegal magic to bring two lovers together, she’s caught by a fae inquisitor and dragged before the Seelie court. She’s sure to be stripped of her magic if she’s convicted.

Lucky for her, she’s got some time before she goes to trial—she has forty days to save herself from the court’s judgment.

Only true love can protect her from losing her magic forever. But the man she loved, the Fae King, died years ago.

So what’s a fairy to do? Wave her wand and make a wish? That’s far too dangerous—not to mention illegal.

But all magic comes at a price. She just has to decide if it’s one she’s willing to pay.

The Fae King stars reader favorite, Martha, and is set in the magical world of The Vampire King. Readers, who enjoy magical fairy tale retellings, will love this steamy take of a fairy godmother’s search for more than a happy ever after.


  • ASIN: B08382S9V5

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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