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Vengeance of the Son

By Charlotte Raine

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After part of the police station explodes, the Commandment Killer has raised the stakes for everybody in Detroit. Tobias Rodriguez, a detective for Detroit Police, finds himself full of doubt as he’s unable to track down the killer who seems to be both taunting and threatening him and his ex-girlfriend, Lauren. When the killer continues to focus his violence on the Detroit Police—even crucifying one of them—the detectives find themselves questioning what they have been missing in over a month of dealing with these religious killers. In the end, they’ll find that The Son is neither holy or prodigal and that those with the purest intentions can be the most dangerous.

A Trinity of Death Romantic Suspense Series
Book 1 - Voice of the Spirit
Book 2 - Violence of the Father
Book 3 - Vengeance of the Son


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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Charlotte Raine