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Healthy Relationship Advice For Women: From Finding The Right Person To Relationship Challenges And Beyond!

By Denise Brienne

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Relationships. They do not care who you are or where you live. They do not care if you are a doctor, a dentist, or an elementary school teacher. They do not care if you drive a BMW or if you just sold your car and bought a bike with a basket dwindling from the handlebars. Relationships can consume your inner-most feelings and thoughts, and in a second, turn around and watch you crumble under the wreckage that was once was a solid wall and took your breath away. But, if you are smart enough to let them, relationships will transform you into something magical. Not all relationships are created equal. They come in all sorts of packages, from the mailman with the knee-high tube socks to a black and white dog who cheerfully awaits your arrival after work each day.

This book is not about just any type of relationship. This book has a focus: the romantic relationship. Why? Because the romantic relationship dominates our culture. There are no movies called "Platonic Comedies" or "Professional Comedies"; they are called "Romantic Comedies". There is not a section in the bookstore dedicated to platonic relationships. However, there is an extensive section for the romance novels. The art of romantic relationships is a complex and intricate one. And oftentimes, we find ourselves wanting this great love, desperately trying to figure out a way to make it work, and are left scratching our heads and looking around for a manual.

Here is the bad news, friends: There is no manual for romantic relationships. As much as we all want to have a precise equation that will automatically result in a perfect relationship, we are left to figure this out by ourselves. Each relationship is tailor-made. You have to figure out what will work for you and your relationship.

There is some good news. Here, you can find some brief guidelines to follow as you start your search for the right relationship, even if it is just for a night. We are going to help you through the toughest parts of relationships. From finding the perfect partner, to money, to sex, each relationship is unique from every other relationship in the world. Take these guidelines and mold them into the shape that what will work for you. Understand that there is a relationship in the world that will be fabulous for you - the perfect person is out there waiting for you.

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Denise Brienne