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Invocation: Nick Ballard Book 2

By Anthony Steven

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to the dead is the only way to stay alive.

London, a vicious new murderer is stalking the dark underbelly of the City,
preying on lost souls. Meanwhile, Nick Ballard is being haunted by the ghost of
his dead friend and it’s literally killing him.

the bodies of multiple victims are discovered, DCI Kate Garvey reaches out to
Nick in the hope that he can use his special gifts to help. Nick must face his
worst fear if he is to have any chance of tracking down a psychopath who
threatens to destroy everything he loves.

it's not just Nick who should be afraid. Someone in Kate's family has just
become a target: will Nick and Kate realise who they should protect before it's
too late?


ISBN: 978-1-8381204-2-9

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages