Antonio and Sabrina: Struck In Love Book 2

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Antonio and Sabrina: Struck In Love Book 2

By Chiquita Dennie

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Sabrina Washington has worked hard to get what she wants in life. The last thing the sassy, headstrong VP executive wants is an Alpha male who breaks all the rules, but when she meets Antonio De Luca, her steely façade starts to crumble under his gaze. He's exactly the kind of man who can unravel her straight-shooting reputation and she's not so convinced that's a bad thing.

As they grow closer, her ability to resist her desires begins to waver. Soon, she finds herself immersed in his sexy and dangerous world and she's not sure she wants to go back to her old life.

Is Sabrina ready to accept all the good and bad that comes with Antonio and his lifestyle?

Note:Contains violence, gory material, sexually explicit content.Adult Language, if this is not what you prefer in your novels, please pick up another one of my releases.Must be read in order for context. 


  • ASIN: B07WSGN85P
  • ISBN: 978-1687249395

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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