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Blindsided (Book Two of The Guardians Series): A Romantic Suspense Novel

By Hope Anika

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Book Two of The Guardian Series 

"Does that mean you're in?" he asked softly, staring down at her.

She arched a brow. "As opposed to staying here, hiding under your ma's bed?"

"Big, bad, brave Ruby." A hint of smile suddenly touched his mouth, softening him, and for a moment, she couldn't look away. "That's my girl."

Sweetheart. My girl. 

"Don't," she warned him.

He only stared at her, eyes gleaming. 

"You can't blow it up," she said again. 

He lifted a brow. "But I like blowing things up."

She remembered the chilling, scary man she'd met in her apartment and wasn't surprised. "Rafe."

He stared at her for another long, motionless moment, his gaze stroking over her, and something glinted in his gaze, something she didn't recognize and didn't trust. Something that made her far too aware of herself, of him, and flushed her cheeks with hot, stupid color.

Then he handed her the sketchbook and sat down beside her.

"Show me," he said.


When the boy who broke her heart crashes back into Ruby Jones's life, she's determined to give him the boot. There are some things a girl simply can't forgive, and being forgotten is at the top of the list. 

The last person CIA Agent Rafferty Blackheart expects to find while retrieving the message left for him by his dead partner is the childhood friend he left behind two decades earlier. But the woman he discovers bears little resemblance to the girl he remembers, and even though the sight of her breathes life into everything he's spent years fleeing, walking away from her is an impossibility.

Because Rafe is on a mission, one he can't complete without Ruby. So no matter their dark history, their mutual distrust, or the intense, unwelcome pull between them, they must come together. To avenge the death of an innocent; to save a child. And to stop a madman bent on reshaping the human race.

Before it's too late.

A steamy thriller with characters you won't forget…romantic suspense at its best.


 “Book Two in the Guardian Series, Blindsided is everything that its predecessor, The Bequest, originally was. It is a well-developed sequel with a complex plot that takes its riders along intricate twists and turns with intriguing characters originally introduced in the first book. To put it simply, Hope Anika has a unique way with words!”


"Warning, once you start reading, you'll find it hard to put it down. Well-developed characters that are easy to get to know and you enjoy reading their story. The author has a unique way of writing that story so that you can't help loving it. A great series!" 


“This is an edge of your seat ride. I could not put it down. This is as good as the first. We have intrigue, action, romance, secrets and betrayal. This has wonderful characters and an interesting story line. This is a wonderful sequel. Great story, so worth reading.”


  • ASIN: B08QDY659D

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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