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The Getaway (Book One of The Getaway Series): A Romantic Suspense Novel

By Hope Anika

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Book One of The Getaway Series

“You,” she told him, struggling for calm, “are worse than a menstruating woman.”

He stopped what he was doing and turned, very slowly, to look at her. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me,” she hissed softly. “You snarl and snap and order us around as if we are a herd of cattle. You lie, you keep secrets, and you demand trust when you give none back. I have had it with your moodiness and your militant attitude, and if you do not have it in you to be a decent and respectful human being to me, you will be a decent and respectful human being to them, or so help me, I will make you regret ever laying eyes on us.” 

He only stared at her, unmoved, his face that cold mask she was beginning to hate, and unable to help herself, Lucia reached out, gripped his t-shirt and gave him a good shake. For all the good it would do. “Do we understand each other, cabrón?" 


Lucia Sanchez has stolen two children. Two children who don’t belong to her; two children she will do anything to save. Driven by the dark, inescapable shadow of her past, Lucia will make any sacrifice necessary to be certain history doesn’t repeat itself. She has given up everything, and nothing will stop her from completing her mission. 

U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Steele is tired. Tired of chasing fugitives; tired of breathing. When he’s drawn into the kidnapping plot of a woman he has no desire to help, it’s just one more nail in his coffin. But duty calls, and Sam knows his duty. When the plea of a close friend makes it impossible to walk away, Sam must make a choice—follow the rules and play it safe, or follow his heart and risk it all. 

She is willing to die for her cause; he is trying desperately to keep them alive. Thrust together in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Sam and Lucia must work together if they want to free two children from a sickening legacy and out-maneuver a man who will hunt them to the ends of the earth…

A steamy thriller with characters you won't forget…romantic suspense at its best.

◆◆Aequitas, Book Two of The Getaway Series, is available as a free download.◆◆


"Sometimes a book and an author make a very deep impression on you and the sensitivity and humanity described in this book was a beautiful experience to read!" 


"I don't know where to start this was such an unusual, exciting and amazingly moving story. From the first page to the last it was an engrossing, exciting, mesmerizing story filled with relatable lifelike characters."


"Despite the seriousness of the subject, this is a book about hope, about making choices, about forgiveness, about moving forward. If you like a great story to go with your romance, with action and suspense, you will like this book."


  • ASIN: B01HWTDU26

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