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Risking It All

By Kathleen Ryder

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He’s the billionaire playboy with a reputation to protect.
He’s the small-town doctor with a baby in tow.
Undeniably attracted to each other, will they risk their hearts, and their families, for a future together?

When Jack Marsden, voted most eligible bachelor in Australia, returns to Wallaroo, his goal is simple: Attend his brothers society wedding, appease his mother, then get the hell out of town.

When Luke Harper accepts a six-month placement as GP in Wallaroo, it is a chance for him to recover from his sister’s death, and to bond with his new charge, his six-month-old niece, Holly.

What he didn’t expected was to run in to his old crush, Jack Marsden, looking as sexy as ever.

Jack knows that in order to be happy he has to be honest with himself, but to do so would risk hurting those he loves most, his family.

The timing had never been right for Jack and Luke, but with wedding magic in the air, will they get their own chance at happily ever after, or will the risk be too great?


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Kathleen Ryder