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By Amy Campbell

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Walking Disaster. Ruiner. Spook. Sorcerer. The reason we can’t have nice things.  

The citizens in the town of Bristle have called Blaise every name in the book. Born a Breaker, his unbridled magic wreaks havoc with a touch. As his peers land apprenticeships, Blaise faces the reality that no one wants a mage who destroys everything around him. When enemy soldiers storm the town hunting for spellcasters, he has no choice but to escape and rush headlong into the unknown.  

A chance encounter with a pegasus sets Blaise on the path to a new life. Despite the machinations of a surly gunslinger, he finds a place to belong in the hardscrabble world of the outlaw mages.   

But even an outlaw mage can’t outrun his past, and Blaise’s returns with a vengeance, threatening his chosen family.  Can Blaise find the grit to harness his volatile magic into a saving grace, or will his most dangerous challenge be his last? 

A gritty yet uplifting fantasy set in an Old West-inspired atmosphere featuring found family, unbreakable bonds, and men and women who are unapologetically true to themselves.

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ISBN: 978-1736141809

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages