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Winery (Drake Wines Series Book 2)

By Chelle Pimblott

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A creepy neighbour. A surprise from the past. A family of their

Drake met Julian Bishop when he least expected it but that didn't stop him from
grabbing  the chance meeting with both
hands. Gladly.

supported Logan from the sidelines, through his parents death but when Logan’s
sister, Makenna, gets married and Julian can't actually be by Logan’s
side, that’s when Jules decides enough is enough. After six years together in
the shadows, he walks away.

Logan tries to drink his way to oblivion every night, a family intervention
brings him to a painful realisation. He lost the one person he needs more than
anyone else. After telling Jules how he feels, he leaves their relationship in
his hands. Luckily for Logan, love wins.

Ben, Jules’ neighbour, isn’t too happy that they’ve rekindled their
relationship as things get creepy, Logan insists that Jules needs to move out
to Drake Wines with him, where he can be safe. Then, just as life starts to
settle down, someone from Logan’s past returns, shocking them both. Will Logan
and Julian’s love be strong enough to survive the shock and changes involved
with the surprise visit?

is the second book in the Drake Wines Series. It’s a steamy M/M romance full of
love and surprises that will take you on a ride with the characters. Fall in
love with Logan and Jules today!

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ASIN: B0966H5CK6

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Chelle Pimblott