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Under a Fallen Sun

By John Coon

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A town is under siege from an alien menace. Four college students are battling for their lives. Can they defeat invaders who seek to conquer Earth?

Paige is a carefree college student whose world turns upside down when her brother Todd vanishes without a trace. She undertakes a spring break road trip with her friends along the same route where he disappeared. A broken-down car forces them to seek help in Travis, an isolated West Texas town.

Travis harbors frightening secrets. A mysterious energy barrier traps all visitors inside the town. Signs of violent struggles are present in many buildings. And horrifying changes have overtaken the few surviving residents.

Efforts to unravel the frightening mystery bring Paige and her friends face to face with an adversary from across the stars. An enemy they never knew existed has come to Earth. Now the fate of the entire human race could hinge on their survival.

Under a Fallen Sun is a science fiction thriller from bestselling author John Coon that explores what it means to be human and the terrifying implications of humanity not being alone in the galaxy.



  • ISBN: 9781732487123

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