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Pandora Reborn

By John Coon

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A buried chest is unearthed. A malevolent witch returns. Can Ron Olson stop her before she destroys him and Deer Falls?

Ron did not sign up for battling an ancient evil. He is a reluctant newcomer to the small Colorado town. Adjusting to Deer Falls is already difficult for Ron who just wants to play soccer, but has been torn away from his father, his friends, and his old life back in Denver.

But Deer Falls is more than a sleepy farm town. It is also a hub for supernatural activity. Ron learns this firsthand when a mysterious witch is freed from an unearthed chest that once imprisoned her. This ancient and powerful evil descends upon the town a second time after a 55-year absence.

No one is safe from her wrath as unexplained deaths and disappearances increase. Now Ron and his new friends are targeted as she conjures up terror in Deer Falls a second time. Can they discover the key to defeating this ancient evil before joining others in falling at her hand?

Pandora Reborn is John Coon’s debut novel. If you love relentlessly suspenseful horror stories, this small-town horror tale will hook you from start to finish.


  • ASIN: B07DVRVG31

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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