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Sacrifice: An Outcast Angels Novel

By C.L. Roman

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Fulfilling one’s destiny requires sacrifice… Fleeing a global catastrophe, Shahara lands safely in Babylon with her beloved Volot, an angel with a sacred mission. But the victory is a hollow one, for the world she knew has been obliterated. Battered by the loss of her family and the denial of her most cherished dreams, Shahara’s new life begins to disintegrate as she is lured by promises of power and fulfillment into the violent, blood-soaked ambitions of a ruthless enemy. With each step down a darker path, Shahara learns that evil may give with one hand, but it takes with the other. And betrayal is the price of admission. 

The path to power is littered with the bones of the innocent…With her marriage shattered and countless lives hanging in the balance, Shahara must make a devastating choice. Can she survive her decision, or will victory require the ultimate sacrifice? By turns romantic, suspenseful and terrifying, this epic fantasy treads the knife edge of human frailty and superhuman courage.  

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ISBN: 978-1505891102

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages