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Illusion: An Outcast Angels Novel

By C.L. Roman

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When past and present collide, someone is bound to get hurt. 
Gwyneth and Jotun aren’t conventional, or even completely human, but they are happy. Then a global disaster forces them to escape through The Shift, that dark space in between worlds where anything might happen — and does. 

What matters is how fast you can heal…
When they are separated by the very force they hoped would save them, Jotun and Gwyneth find a modern world full of unfamiliar faces, advanced technology, and secret enemies. Each must fight against deception and unravel the goals of opposing factions, separating truth from illusion in a bid to save each other and a world that seems bent on self-destruction.

The third installment in the Outcast Angels series combines ancient Norse mythology with modern dangers. Adventure, romance, and a splash of comedy make for the heart-stopping continuation of an epic fantasy series that will keep you turning pages long after your bedtime.   

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ISBN: 978-1987556575

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages