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Fire Candidate (The Witch of Forsythe High Book 2)

By C.L. Roman

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Most girls don’t set their birthday party on fire, no matter how rebellious they feel. But Lila Stuart isn’t most girls, and she never has been. Now her brand of strange is attracting a very bad crowd. She and her family must move, leaving everything she knows behind. Tracked to her new home by a predatory demi-god, Lila is sold to a human trafficking cartel that specializes in people like her, first-generation angel-human hybrids with powers that could make them heroes or deadly villains. When the cartel threatens her family, Lila must choose: serve as an assassin or live as a slave. Will she find a way out, or is the cost of fighting back just too high? The second installment in The Witch of Forsythe High series is a fast-paced firestorm about the choices life requires of us and the consequences they bring in their wake.  

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ISBN: 978-1530864638

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages