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Gaia Rediscovered (Earth Immortal Book 3)

By C.L. Roman

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Everyone deserves a home...

Forced from Earth by a deadly plague, the human race has never been more in need of a hero. Unable to return, the American Fleet begins the search for a new home. But when incompetence and greed lead to tragedy on Lieutenant Commander Valeria Demyanov's first mission, she's left holding the bag.

Court martialed and humiliated, Val struggles to rebuild her life as a space salvager, but Fleet isn’t done with her yet. Threatened by famine and war, the U.S. Fleet renews their desperate search for a home planet, even as Val answers the mysterious SOS of another space group claiming to be human. What she finds in there could be mankind’s last hope – or its destruction.  

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages