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Their Rejected Mate

By River Ramsey

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My three intended mates left me rejected, half-marked, and broken.

Every wolf shifter dreams about her first night with her mates, but mine left me an outcast with the revelation that I'm really a hybrid. A hybrid between a wolf and what is the question. Only my late mother knows the answer, but these days, I have other things to worry about. Namely, being caught in a war between my gorgeous jerk of a boss and the hunter who's somehow become my friend with benefits.

Until the consequences of my incomplete mating mark leave me in physical anguish each full moon, that is--and the only thing keeping the monster in my veins at bay is the dark gift of a vampire lord who thinks I'm something else entirely. Something that makes me more dangerous than anyone could have imagined--especially me.

Like I don't have enough infuriating (but admittedly tantalizing) alpha males on my plate, now the three wolves who threw me away are back, trying to stake their claim now that I'm their only hope of overthrowing my unhinged father as regional alpha.

If the men in my life don't make up their minds soon, I'm booking a one-way ticket to an all-female island.

Their Rejected Mate is a full-length Rejected Mates Wolf Shifter Romance, and the first in the Luna Rejected series. This series features four alpha male anti-hero love interests, an unbreakable heroine who keeps them in check, and in true Reverse Harem fashion, the MC doesn't have to choose between her guys. Includes MFM and eventual MMF content.

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River Ramsey