Brianna: Making of a Fury (The Furies Book 3)

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Brianna: Making of a Fury (The Furies Book 3)

By Dave Thompson

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Brianna gets the opportunity to train to be one of the Furies. But Apollo opposes this, and will do all in his power to stop the creation of another Fury.

Brianna was brutally murdered by a demonic serial killer in Angels of Vengeance, somehow hasn't moved on like other human souls. So she has been staying with the Furies for the past year. During this time, she has developed more supernatural abilities, and it's decided she might make a good Fury.

Brianna is sent into the Underworld to train with the Goddess of Warfare, Enyo, to learn about weapons, fighting, moving through space/time, and how to become a Fury. But along the way, she faces immense hurdles, and Apollo's opposition. He meddles in her training, all because he hates the Furies.

Who or what will stop Brianna? Apollo or Brianna's own internal insecurities?


  • ASIN: B09944V27T

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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