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Arrowsmith: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (The MacGregors Book 1) (Reformed Rogues)

By Elina Emerald

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Note: This is a spin-off novella from the Reformed Rogues series. Recommend reading series in order.

As the King's Man in the North, Ewan Arrowsmith walks a fine line between life and death. Deceit and treachery are his constant companions. But there was a time, long ago, when he only knew truth and the love of a good woman called Beth. Their affair was brief due to a betrayal that led to tragedy.

Years later, in a strange twist of fate, their paths cross again because of the interference of Clan MacGregor. Both have suffered in the intervening years. This time they must decide whether a second chance at love is worth risking everything.

Warning: Determined, brawny alpha male ahead and reluctant heroine, historical inaccuracies and frivolous entertainment. Not suitable for people under 18. It contains some mature content.

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ISBN: 9781393589723

Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Elina Emerald