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The Engagement Gift

By Lauren Blakely

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Some things are better left unsaid.
Besides, I don't need to act on every wild thought that flits through my imagination, not when my fiancé and I have the kind of life I've aways longed for -- passionate, intimate and oh so real.
I can’t risk losing him, so I focus on building our life together as a couple, expanding my career as a sports reporter, and prepping for our wedding. But the more insistent my thoughts become, the closer I get to telling him what I want most...The question though is what will happen to our unbreakable bond when I do.

NOTE: THE ENGAGEMENT GIFT was originally released as a short novella. It has been expanded into a full-length novel.


  • ASIN: B081TP7J6Q

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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