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Ravished By The Royal

By L. Nicole

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As the youngest brother to King Symon, Garreth is used to going under the radar. He likes it that way. He has no wish to have the responsibilities his brothers deal with day in and day out.

That is until he volunteers to go on a mission for Symon and meets Princess Marie.
Instantly, he falls in love.
He wouldn’t have thought it possible—even laughed at his brothers when it happened to them.
Now, he doesn’t question it.

He’s determined that she will be his.
There’s just one large problem.
Princess Marie is getting married to someone else.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and Garreth won’t allow anyone to claim his woman.

The only ring she will ever wear is his.

The final installment of the Arranged Marriages series is here.
Garreth has a big mountain to climb before he gets his woman, but with a wrong turn or two, he’ll get there. Remember with a Lily book you’ll get a safe read with a happily ever after, insta-love, and an alpha hero who only has eyes for his one and only. Enjoy!

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages


L. Nicole