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Meant to be Mine

By Cara Maxwell

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The London Season is for finding your match…unless your wayward fiancee refuses to marry you. What’s a quiet country wallflower to do?

Compelled by duty…
Kelly Collins wants nothing more than to return to her quiet life in the countryside. When the fate of her family and home are in jeopardy, she has no choice but to travel to London in search of her wayward fiancé. But the man she finds in London is not the boy she remembers from her youth. He arouses feelings in her she never imagined. Before long, it isn’t just her home, but also her heart, that is at risk.

Prisoner to the past…
The aloof Theodore, Earl of Willingham, knows that nothing good comes from marriage. He scoffs at the notions of love and happily ever after. Then the captivating Miss Collins unexpectedly reenters his life, and another side of him starts to awaken. But Theo is haunted by a painful past that refuses to be forgotten. Can he master his darkest demons, and accept that he and Kelly really might be…meant to be?

Meant to be Mine is a historical Regency arranged marriage, second-chance romance.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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