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In Deep

By Sharon Ward

Sometimes, the most treacherous creature you meet underwater is another diver.

Underwater, Fin is supremely competent. On land, not so much.

She has a hard time making friends. Complications with her family. Hassles with her ex-husband, and problems managing her career. But her troubles escalate the day of the first accident...

Two freedivers are practicing, and Fin is filming their feat for the Cayman Island oceanographic institute where she's chief underwater photographer.

After being under for more than 4 minutes, one diver doesn't surface. Fin rescues him, and when he revives, he tells a wild tale of an unknown diver holding him below. Fin and the other diver chalk it up to an oxygen deprived hallucination.

Until the next accident. And the next.

Fin realizes someone is targeting her family and the institute's employees. And she figures since she's the one taking the blame for murder, it's up to her to find the killer before one more person she loves doesn't survive.
 How many of her friends and family will this ruthless killer attack before the end? Will Fin find the killer before another loved one doesn't make it back? 
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  • ISBN: 978-1-7350511-0-9 9
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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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  • Nate Littlefield

    Nate Littlefield

    6 months ago

    In Fin Fleming, Sharon Ward has created an immensely likable and intriguing heroine. The plot features many twists and turns. Life at the Cayman Islands oceanographic institute is anything but dull.

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