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2045 A Short Novel Revealing God’s Hope For Us

By Leon Saunders

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The book 2045 is a glimpse into a possible future for humankind. It challenges many of today’s mores regarding religion, race, sexuality, and nationality.  In fact, anything that separates us and calls for us to acknowledge that only together can we solve the problems that plague the planet. 

Although is speaks from an “enlightened” Christian perspective, it accepts that Truth can be found in many religions, allowing all to seek their own path to enlightenment.

It is a  story that moves from the chaotic divisiveness that was prevalent in 2017 America and as a result of a global spiritual movement shows what could be if we embrace Love as a transformative force. 

2045 is a fictional story peppered with messages that the author hopes will engage readers and begin or enhance a conversation that may drastically impact the course of human history.  This is less a religious treatise as it supposed that God is bigger than any religion. It merely challenges one to open oneself to new possibilities of what may be “God’s Hope For Us!”

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