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Muck World

By C.G. Lewis

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A global superstorm called the Ever Rain has destroyed human civilization, forcing survivors to flee to higher ground. But it isn’t just the elements that threaten their existence. 

A new menace has risen from the wreckage: The Citadel. Made up of the rich and powerful, they have many resources, including an army who track down survivors to use for slave labor.

Sixteen-year-old Jessie’s parents are among those taken and she wants nothing more than to find them and destroy the evil Citadel. She ventures to a city on a lake with a militia that might be big enough to stop the enemy forces. 

Even if she survives the arduous journey through storm-torn lands, how will she convince the town to help their cause? It isn’t easy to battle against the powerful Citadel Forces and win.

But there are other secrets lurking beneath the surface of Jessie’s world. Buried secrets about her family that will change her life forever and the lives of those she loves most.

Discover the secrets that throw Jessie’s world upside down and read Muck World for an epic adventure of a lifetime.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

C.G. Lewis