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The Blind Switch

By Lyn Farrell

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The first book in the Rosedale Investigations series finds Wayne Nichols, our doggedly determined Detective, and his sassy partner, Dory Clarkson, starting new jobs as private investigators. Their first client, Cara Summerfield, comes to the agency with what appears to be a missing person's case. Cara got pregnant in high school and baby Danny was adopted. Her husband who she married 4 years later was never told about the pregnancy. She has received a letter from Danny's girlfriend saying he as been assaulted for non payment of a gambling debt. Danny is a race horse trainer. The return address has been obliterated by the rain. When Wayne and Dory locate Danny, he's in the hospital with a likely fatal prognosis. When he dies, Wayne suspects murder, bu the Nashville PD doesn't agree and it's in their jurisdiction. Can the team at Rosedale Investigations solve this one with Wayne having relinquished his gun and badge when he left the sheriff's office? Who in this ensemble cast has a motive to kill Danny? And was it really even murder?  


  • ASIN: 781603816960
  • ISBN: 978-1-60381-696-0

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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The Blind Split

The Blind Split

Lynda Farquhar

Crime Fiction, Cozy Mysteries, Mystery, Women's Fiction

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