One Dog Too Many

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One Dog Too Many

By Lia Farrell

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Mae December runs a successful dog boarding business in Rosedale, Tennessee. When her neighbor, Ruby Mead-Allison, fails to pick up her unruly Pomeranian from Mae's kennel, Mae pokes around and discovers the woman's body. It's clad in one red boot and there is a vehicle counting cord around her neck. While delving into the mystery of Ruby's death, Mae meets handsome Sheriff Ben Bradley. Together they find no shortage of suspects. Ruby was standing in the way of a projec to make their road safer and wider. Was she killed by an angry neighbor? Her estranged husband? Her disinherited brother? The sheriff may not appreciate Mae's amateur detecting, but he does respond to her as a woman. Meanwhile, the murderer decides it's time to put a permanent stop of Mae's meddling. 


  • ASIN: 781603819671
  • ISBN: 978-1-60381-967-1

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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