Six Dogs 'Til Sunday

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Six Dogs 'Til Sunday

By Lia Farrell

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It's January in Rosedale and Mae is preparing for her upcoming wedding to Ben Bradley. Mae, who boards dogs for a living, is tending to her pregnant dog and scouting locations for a movie featuring the music of her former fiance Noah West, who died in a car accident four years ago. Fortunately, the picturesque old house at the end of Little Chapel road is for rent and available. Just as filming is about to begin, a man is shot on set, but although wounded, manages to drive himself to the hospital where he dies. He was a member of the local film crew, but circumstances point to his being a confidential informant for Ben's predecessor, Sheriff Tray Cantrell, who also happens to own the house where the movie is being shot. At the time of the shooting the victim was stealing a large sum of money from a safe on the premises. Whose money is it. Where did it come from. The Sheriff's Office not only has another murder to solve, but one that will dredge up a past long-buried. How far will the guilty parties go to protect their secrets. 


  • ASIN: 781603812504
  • ISBN: 978-1-60381-250-4

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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