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A Secret Summer

By Rachel Finn

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This is the story of a town called Baberton. Located in England, somewhere North of London, this town is often overlooked and forgotten. It was nothing but a pretty little town, with pretty little people, hiding their pretty little secrets.

Then eighteen year old Annie Pierce’s body was discovered buried in the woods, six years after her mysterious highly public disappearance.

Imogen Ford was one of Annie's best friends in high school and is heartbroken over the realisation that her friend is dead.

Not just dead - murdered.

The day of Annie's funeral throws everything into a tailspin when Imogen receives a strange, anonymous text message claiming to be from someone who knows who killed her friend.

From there, Imogen finds herself embarking on a journey for the truth, but finds herself unsure who she can trust - including herself.

Who killed Annie? Who is sending Imogen these mysterious texts about what happened "That Night"? Is it possible that they are the same person?

Imogen best be careful because once she starts digging... she might not like what she unearths.


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