Eternally Bound (Tribes of the Vampire Book 3)

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Eternally Bound (Tribes of the Vampire Book 3)

By Michelle M. Pillow

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Dark Paranormal Vampire Romance

by NYT and USAT Bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow

Tatiana Sinclair has lived a perfect noblewoman’s life, until the night her brother forces her to cover up a murder. Haunted by the only witness to their deeds, the intensely sensual Count Spoleti, Tatiana is led into a world she never dreamed existed.

Count Marcello Spoleti is intrigued by the female who dares to try to control the vampire. But, he also knows there is more to Tatiana than just a pretty face–much, much more. Forcing her father to give her to him, lest he tell of his children’s crimes, Marcello plans on keeping the strong-minded Tatiana under his complete command.

5 Stars! "If you like Vampire love stories this is it." Itsabreez on Amazon 

Tribes of the Vampire Book Three
​Length: Long Novel Plus
Urban Fantasy, Dark Paranormal, Vampire Romance


  • ASIN: B01K33IQ22

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