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Living Green and the Lake: a story about water resources conservation, cooperation and friendship

By Florian Bushy

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"Living Green and the Lake by Florian Bushy is a story about the importance of having trees around a body of water and why water conservation is essential... Florian Bushy did a remarkable job of relating a simple yet impactful story that can easily be understood... The message the author conveys is awesome and relevant to both our generation and future generations."
Luwi Nyakansaila - Readers' Favorite Reviews

Do you want to make your child understand environmental conservation and cooperation in a fun way?

This fun and unique children’s story is one of plants working together. When the planet Earth was newly born, all the plants were able to walk, talk and have a happy life. One day, something unusual happened! They start to experience drought and climate change. The plants had to work together to save the water and their lake. Trees, plants and flowers learned that by each one doing their part in the shared effort, they would be successful.

“Living Green and the lake” will teach your child the values of what they can do in their own community. It’s a great way for your child to learn while having fun at the same time!

This fun journey will teach your child about:

- Climate change
- Benefits of forests to water preservation
- Nature and conservation
- Friendship
- People helping each other out to achieve a common goal
This book is part of the "Living Green" series, picture books for children that promote environmental awareness, teamwork, respect and friendship.

Your children or grandchildren will love this book. It makes a perfect gift. Order your book today!
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Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages