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In Tilly's Eyes

By Raven Gray

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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the first time Niko looked into Tilly’s eyes she touched the fragments of his soul left behind from a lifetime of pain. Something in her eyes made him forget he didn’t believe in love, although this wasn’t love. Tilly was a sex slave and risking everything to rescue her from one of the most powerful men in the world was an act of morality, not love. She was too young, too innocent, and far too good for him. So why did it feel as if he wanted to own the rights to Tilly’s heart every time he looked into her eyes?

After her older sister’s murder, Tilly is taken to pay their father’s debts. She has to survive in Hell while trying to find out if the monster who took her also murdered her sister. Not that she can do anything with the truth since she’s stuck on an island surrounded by sharks in uniform. She never expected a savior, although, did Niko save her, or did he rescue her from one Hell only to throw her into another?

This is a dark romance with mature subject matters

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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Raven Gray