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Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & Strength

By Shy Wolf

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To avenge his fallen parents and to preserve what they've fought to protect, Khyrus must defeat Nirjin, God of Destruction. His people are waiting for, and depending on, his uprising. Fortunately, he has his companions who are willing to assist in regaining their home so peace can exist once again. His people are strong and determined to withstand the hardships being brought onto them until their rightful leader returns. Though he may still be young and have so much knowledge to acquire, he has vowed to do what is just and continue where his parents and ancestors have left off. Khyrus’ heart is made of gold and has longs for the day where evil will rule no longer, but will gain the strength and will? Will his companions assist him in succeeding or will they fall at his side?

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ASIN: 978-1716140327

ISBN: 978-1716140327

Book Length: 0-60 Pages


Shy Wolf