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The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice (The Fairy Tunnels Book 1)

By Elena Jagar

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A magic apprentice.
A bad decision.
A perilous quest.

Being the Rainbow Weaver’s apprentice is everything Addie’s ever wished for. Well, except for the chores.

When she is reckless with her duties, Addie’s whole village is enveloped in a strange fog spreading from the mysterious Fairy Tunnel that separates her village from the others.

People are falling ill and it’s all Addie’s fault. To fix what she’s done, she must go on a dangerous journey through the Fairy Tunnel and find the healing magic that will save her people. But to enter the Tunnel is to risk becoming prisoner of the fairies... forever.

The Rainbow Weaver’s Apprentice will thrill middle-grade readers with danger, magic, and adventure at every turn of the page.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages