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The Dragon's Back

By E.S. Matthew

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In a world where magic is outlawed and division and hate plague the land, a renegade mage must embark on a dangerous adventure to awaken a long-dormant dragon and challenge an all-powerful evil force.

Queen Morflava’s reign of terror seems unstoppable as the malevolent mage sows division and hate among humans and fae. With the Warlord Council disbanded and the Citadel destroyed in the devastating Mage Purge, the continent is desperate for a hero.

Cali can no longer ignore the call of her father’s dying words. She must reclaim a powerful artifact said to be her birthright. An object capable of reawakening dragons and challenging Morflava’s rule. But Cali’s enemies will stop at nothing to prevent Cali from succeeding in her mission to overthrow the Queen.

Fans of The Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archives, and Lord of the Rings will love this sweeping new epic fantasy adventure.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages