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BABY FITNESS: Sport book for children. Let’s do sports together


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Do you want your child to play sports with joy? This book is for you! It is difficult to imagine modern children without gadgets, electronic games, and the Internet. That is why it has become so important to pay attention to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that physical education strengthens the immune system, makes the body more flexible, strong, and healthy. So, the question is how to teach a child not just to play sports, but to love it and do the exercises with pleasure. It is necessary to turn physical education into a fun game, and with the animals added to the process, not a single kid will remain indifferent. Baby fitness is a great way to introduce your child to exercises for different muscle groups, and funny animals will help in this exciting process. This is the first book that includes exercises for the eyes, neck, hands, fingers, feet, and legs, as well as neuro exercises. All exercises are divided into groups by colored blocks with a description of their benefits. This systematic approach will help raise healthy
and sporty children and make fitness fashionable.

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Book Length: 0-60 Pages