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Abigail's Dragons (The Nash Dragons Book 2)

By Patrick Matthews

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"A serious, exciting coming-of-age fantasy... The fantastical elements are fresh, and the relationships among the teens feel authentic. Abigail and the other sleepers are accepting yet temperamental, goodhearted but self-absorbed, brash though insecure."  - Kirkus Starred Review

"a beautiful story about the power of friendship, the kindness of strangers, the power of truth and how goodness will always triumph"Reading With Your Kids


Abigail has a powerful magic inside her, one that will turn her into a monster if she's not careful.

She's not the only one cursed. There are other children just like her, sleeping in a cave deep underground.

Abigail keeps them safe, draining their power just as she drains away her own, desperately searching for a cure.

But what if there is no cure? What if her cave is a prison, and not a place of healing?

How can she save the sleepers when she's not even sure how to save herself?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Patrick Matthews