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Sink Detectives Book 3 'Monday': Bully for You! (Kids funny chapter books)

By Hendrik Maarten

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Book 3 in the Sink Detectives series. 'Monday' Bully for you!

Monday sees the Sinks hailed as heroes, but will they still be heroes by the end of the day?

In this third instalment of the Sink family mysteries the Sinks start the day expecting things will be back to normal. Well, pretty much normal, and they are right. Right, that is, if revenge is part of your normal day. Normal if wet Zebras roam the streets. Normal if your dreams slip through your fingers as your reputation ends up in the gutter with some kid in red socks pretending to row. I suppose that's when a superhero might step in. If only a boy Gremlin hadn't blown him to bits in the backyard. Oh, the humanity.

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