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The Fourth Charm


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It has been a few months since Sharron, Wally and Chip found their true home at Bellevue Manor, and their place in the witch community. They continue to learn their craft, and their powers grow. Yet their true destiny lies in their love of mystery solving. Using their unique abilities, they take on the challenge of solving supernatural mysteries. Their success in this though may become their undoing. For now, the Witch Council itself has come to them to help solve a mystery that is threatening the Witch community.

Some entity is stealing the familiars from witches, including the familiar of their good friend Ronnie. They put on their sleuthing caps, using all the research tools at their disposal, to find the answer.

Then comes the prophecy from Saleena. The only chance they can survive this, is if they use the Fourth Charm. But what is The Fourth Charm? Not a single book in the extensive Dramsmit library mentions anything about it. Nor do any of the witches they have spoken with, including Saleena. They race to find the answer to this question, yet mysterious and powerful forces oppose them every step of the way. Can they find the Fourth Charm, and the ability to use it, before all is lost?


ISBN: 978-1-9994235-1-3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages