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Constellations for Kids

By Aniela Publications

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Are you ready to impress your friends & family with amazing knowledge & exciting tales of the constellations?! If so, keep reading…

Have you ever looked up at the night sky & imagined what might be out there? You’re not alone! People have been wondering that for thousands of years.

Technology like telescopes & space shuttles are quite new, so before we could really investigate space, people would make up stories about what they thought was up there. Some people saw heroes & monsters made out of stars & would tell stories about them. 

This book is going to tell you all about the wonderful things floating around above your head & teach you how to find some of the planets & special stars from your bedroom window. (It’s exploding with fun pictures to help you visualize them, too.)

It’s also packed with legendary tales about the constellations, like how the constellation of Hercules shows him wrestling the monster Hydra or how Pegasus–a magical flying horse with wings–was the only animal that could carry Zeus’s lightning bolts without getting hurt!

Discovering constellations doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t own a telescope. You can even find them by using your hands! 

Try this HANDY (pun fully intended) tip to help you find the stars: 

  1. Straighten your arm out in front of you & make your hand into a fist. The distance from your first knuckle (don’t count the thumb) to your fourth knuckle is 10 degrees. 
  2. Now spread out only your thumb & pinkie finger. The distance from tip to tip is 25 degrees. (If you hold up just your pinkie finger by itself, the width of it is 1 degree.)

This will help you navigate the night sky to find the constellations in this book! 

Did You Know: 

  • There are some stars you can see from Canada that will never be seen from Australia!
  • Or that Jupiter, the largest planet, has 80 moons!
  • Or that one day on Venus lasts as long as 6,000 hours! (That means 1 day of school would last over 8 months!)

You’ll discover:

  • Why the ancient Romans are responsible for our galaxy being named after a chocolate bar!
  • Why your parents might be receiving messages from space when traveling!
  • The incredible trick to see how far apart objects in space are just by using your own hand!
  • The amazing star that the dinosaurs would have been able to see millions of years ago
  • Why sticking a pencil through an orange can help you visualize how the earth spins
  • Incredible tales behind the constellations that your friends at school won’t believe!
  • How to master the constellations for any season!
  • The planet that’s not home to aliens—but robots!
  • What the Ancient Egyptians designed their pyramids to point to
  • Why you should get your camera ready for the year 2061
  • Why the moon’s gravity could be a surfer’s best friend!
  • The best time to see incredible events in the sky!
  • How to see a meteor shower every minute
  • Which fruit to shine a flashlight on to help you visualize moon phases
  • An in-depth glossary so you can quickly understand the cool words inside

& much more!

From the giant Virgo to the much smaller Corona Borealis, you will discover all the tips & tricks to finding the constellations, as well as some amazing facts that will make you sound like a professional astronomer. There are so many things in space to explore that not even scientists know exactly what is out there. Who knows what they (or you!) will discover in the future?

So, if you want to master the night skies & discover amazing knowledge & tales that will leave your friends scratching their heads, then turn the first page!


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Aniela Publications