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A Walk In Ola's Shoes (Adventures in Ola’s Shoes Series Book 1)

By Victoria Deodato

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From the time Ola was little, her parents would say, "Our Ola will change the world one day."

Ola has always had an overwhelming desire to help animals. From injured bats to stray cats, her love of all creatures knows no bounds. Even simple family strolls can turn into rescue missions, and her beloved dog, Gordy, is always by her side.

When Ola and Gordy spot a Grand Opening Party, they decide to take part in the celebration. Before they know it, a thousand balloons are released into the air. Ola, ever the optimist, sees it as the perfect opportunity to teach her community about the impact balloons have on the environment. Will the crowd listen when she begins to speak?

A Walk in Ola's Shoes was written to inspire children to follow their passions and stand up for what is right. With relatable characters, colourful illustrations, and lyrical rhymes, this story will inspire its readers to change the world and create a brighter future.

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Book Length: 0-60 Pages