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My Miles And Me

By Carrie Lowrance

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Hi,‭ ‬my name is Creeper the Sweeper.‭ ‬I spend my days cleaning the house,‭ ‬every nook and cranny.‭ ‬Cleaning gives me such joy.‭ ‬The only thing that makes me sad is that it scares Miles,‭ ‬the family’s baby boy.

His crying and screaming went on for months and months and to be honest,‭ ‬it put me in quite a funk.‭ ‬But then one day something changed,‭ ‬Miles crawled toward me and put stickers all over my face‭! ‬From then on best friends, we’ve been,‭ ‬my Miles and me

But then one day,‭ ‬something happened and I got sick‭! ‬Will my friendship with Miles survive‭?
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