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Life Skills Learning with Rainbow Kids: Stories, Activities, Articles, Quizzes and More to Spark Imagination and Joy

By Rainbow Village

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Step into a world where each story is a burst of color, and every lesson a seed planted for the future—welcome to the "Life Skills Learning with Rainbow Kids.”

Within the pages of each book, discover a rich canvas of:

Engaging stories that convey meaningful values.
Stimulating activities to create, connect and have fun.
Insightful articles that foster curosity to stretch young minds.
Practical self-care tips that nurture well-being and independence.
Side-splitting jokes and riddles that promise peals of laughter.
Captivating quizzes that engage and challenge curious young intellects.
Visualize your child:

Embracing important life lessons on eco-friendliness, from recycling to saving our precious water.
Recognising and managing different emotions and learning to express their feelings.
Exploring the wonders of the seasons and festivities across the globe through enchanting articles.

All illustrated with joyful, vivid artwork that speaks to every child, encapsulating the beauty of learning through playful reading.

Open the door to a world where learning about self and surroundings is as delightful as it is impactful.

Gift your child the "Life Skills Learning with Rainbow Kids." today, and watch their understanding of the world become as rich and varied as the colors of the rainbow.
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Book Length: 0-60 Pages