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The Sneezing Dragon

By Tsvika Ben-Porat

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"The Sneezing Dragon" is a whimsical and heartwarming children's story set in the Misty Mountains, where a young dragon named Dexter lives. Dexter is not your ordinary dragon; he has a unique problem – his sneezes are fiery! Whenever Dexter sneezes, flames burst out, leading to a series of humorous and sometimes challenging situations.

Throughout the story, Dexter visits various friends like Lily the Lamb, Benny the Bear, and Freddy the Frog, accidentally causing comical mishaps with his fiery sneezes. However, instead of being upset, his friends find humor and joy in these incidents, turning them into fun and memorable moments.

As Dexter ventures through the village, he discovers that his fiery sneezes can be quite useful. He helps Mrs. Applebee light her bakery oven, assists Mr. Ironclad at the blacksmith forge, and even lights the village campfire, becoming a beloved figure in his community.

Through his adventures, Dexter learns an important lesson about self-acceptance and the value of uniqueness. His once troublesome sneezes become a source of joy and helpfulness, earning him the affectionate title of the Helpful Dragon of the Misty Mountains. The story concludes with Dexter feeling proud and happy, embraced by his friends and the villagers for his unique ability and kind heart.

"The Sneezing Dragon" is a delightful tale that teaches children about embracing their individuality, the power of friendship, and turning perceived flaws into strengths. With its playful and colorful illustrations, it captures the imagination of young readers, making it a perfect story for children aged 5-8.


Book Length: 0-60 Pages

Tsvika Ben-Porat