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Sparky the Spunky Puppy

By Bruce Paragon

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Can a happy go lucky puppy bring a big smile to his new neighborhood? Come along for Sparky’s first day at the pet shop and see how starting with a simple smile can bring about positive change for pets and humans alike.
An inspirational read – aloud book that will surely make you giggle. Corey, a French bulldog was happily enjoying his scheduled bubble bath – that is until a boisterous but charming puppy waltzed through the shop’s front door. What transpires will positively change Corey and the other shop animals for the better.

Are you ready to embark on Sparky’s adventure? Get your copy of Sparky the Spunky Puppy today and enjoy the adventure with your child.

Sparky tossed his curly locks that covered up one eye.
He shook his hips and moved his feet and jumped up really high.

He danced around the pet shop, he boogied and he twirled.
Like he was the only one in there, the only dog in the world.

He didn’t care who saw him, he danced without a care.
It was like the entire pet shop wasn’t even there.

But every older dog and cat stared with big, wide eyes.
“What is going on in here?” “Who is this little guy?”


Book Length: 0-60 Pages