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The Magic in Number Kingdom

By Samuel DenHartog

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Introducing Max, a bright and curious young boy who's about to embark on an extraordinary journey in "The Magic in Number Kingdom." With a sparkle in his eye and a mind brimming with questions, Max is just the right kind of hero for this math-filled adventure. His knack for solving puzzles and his unwavering curiosity make him the perfect explorer for the whimsical world of numbers and arithmetic that awaits.

Dive into the enchanting world of "The Magic in Number Kingdom," where Max discovers a secret doorway to a land where numbers rule and every puzzle is a new adventure. Follow Max as he meets the friendly Number Wizard, encounters villages where everything is in groups of numbers, and solves delightful riddles that teach the basics of math. This heartwarming tale is not just a journey through a magical kingdom; it's a fun-filled ride into the world of math, designed to ignite a love for numbers in young readers. With each turn of the page, join Max in unraveling the mysteries of this numerically wonderful world, where learning math becomes an exciting and magical experience.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages