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Pablito Bandito #2 the Case of the Missing Chickens

By Tomi Hall

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The neighbor’s chickens have gone missing. The humans think it is
coyotes, but Pablo and his team know the truth. Izzy is up to her usual
shenanigans with a surprising outcome.

When I got to her, I
yelled, “Izzy, did you hear what I said?” as I watched her twirling
around. “Well, no, you were running, and I was twirling. It pretty much
came out like gobbledygook,” Izzy answered. “Have you seen my ball,
ball, ball while you were running?”

Get ready to enjoy Pablo and his team as they solve The Case of the Missing Chickens in their own unique way.

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ISBN: 978-1736578520

Book Length: 60-150 Pages